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“Anything is possible with enough coffee”


One of the things I love most about Toronto is the people in it. It is true when they say that Canadians are about the nicest people you’ll find on your way. They are not only extremely polite but also so talented and, above all, creative (most of them happen to be really cute too). Point made, as the weather starts to get warmer, I find more and more of those lovely chalkboard signs outside of most establishments. If you ask me, this is one of the best ways to make a city feel more welcoming to all us foreigners.

As I was on my way to pick up my bi-monthly package of J.K Rowling’s wizardy goods (yes, I am as much a HP fan as any other 28yo), I was enjoying what finally seemed like a spring day along St Clair Avenue. After passing Christie Street, the panorama seemed to change, everyone seemed happier and, like I said, every little shop had put their clever little signs up. “ Nothing goes best together than a cup of coffee and a cute little outfit” and “Today’s To-do list” with five check marks beside the word “coffee” almost got me to step inside. But the true winner this time was “ Anything is possible with enough coffee” outside Krave cafe.

Located inside what used to be a big victorian house, this coffee shop is unique and different. With beautiful exposed brick arches, dark hardwood floors, long wooden tables and metallic grey chairs, it reminded me of my grandma’s house just outside the city where I was born. So much so that I found myself at ease and ready to spend a long afternoon there. The atmosphere is so completely rustic that you wouldn’t be surprised to see it in one of those pretty magazines. It even made me think that if I was going for a vintage themed wedding I would love for it to take place right here. To sit in this place and get some work done feels almost as if you were in a cabin somewhere outside the city. The difference being that instead of a river view, you get to see the 512 street car all day long (which is equally entertaining). I noticed that they have (very thoughtfully) divided the shop into social and working areas. In the first, you’ll find small tables, some indie music and (of course) windows looking onto the sidewalk of the street. On the other hand, the working space at the back of shop has a long wooden table with benches where you can sit with your computer and enjoy their free Wifi. The most important thing you’ll notice is that there in no loud music playing in this section to distract you.


As the sweet tunes of Amy’s version of “Body and Soul” played, I went up to the counter to order my drink. As I was doing so, one of the costumers approached me and complimented my bump. I don’t know about you, but I think that's a pretty nice confidence booster. I like this place even better now. When I could finally take a look at the menu I found that the only thing I had yet to try was the Misto. They also offer the usual capuccinos, lattes and flat whites, which I will have to go back to try.

Cafe Misto, as described by my barista, is a drink somewhere between an Americano and a Latte, in other words, kind of like a small latte. Again, there is some discrepancy surrounding whether or not this is an espresso based drink, but at Krave it is. With their house espressos coming from Rufino Roasters, it is guaranteed that you will find an amazing range of flavour in any their cups. Because of its similarity to an Americano, this is not such a strong coffee. Whether it is made with espresso or brewed coffee, it is best suited for someone who prefers their drinks slightly less strong. I have to admit, not for me. Thankfully 16oz of caffeine that morning was probably more than enough for me. After last week’s morning coffee plus double shot cortado, now I know better.

I honestly still have yet to figure out the difference between a Cafe Misto and a Cafe Au Lait. I tried doing some research online and, truth be told, still don't quite get it. What I do know for sure is that they are not the same thing and that apparently one of the big coffee chains has done everything to vanish cafe au lait from the face of the earth. If any of you readers out there happen to know the difference between these two drinks, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment on this post, or even reach out to my email. I would love to have someone helping me learn more about this amazing world of coffee. Hope to see you all next week!