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A begginers guide into coffee roastears. Toronto's Hale Coffee.

Hi y'all! Welcome back to this little read on coffee matters. Ever since I've started my coffee research various coffee roasters have come to my attention. Most of the shops I've visited use blends from Canadian roasters. Among these, a couple names are more common than others. I spent this week exploring one of them: Hale coffee Roasters.


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Black Rock Coffee. Where rock climbing and coffee meet.

Remember those big windows for people-watching that I talk about all the time? Well, this coffee shop has its own unique version of this. Instead of facing the sidewalk, these windows face the establishment next door. And instead of watching people walk by in the rain (though there are also windows on the other side where you can do just that) these particular windows face a rock climbing gym.

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“Anything is possible with enough coffee”

Cafe Misto, as described by my barista, is a drink somewhere between an Americano and a Latte, in other words, kind of like a small latte. Again, there is some discrepancy surrounding whether or not this is an espresso based drink, but at Krave it is. With their house espressos coming from Rufino Roasters, it is guaranteed that you will find an amazing range of flavour in any their cups.

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